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Sakhalinmorneftegaz, a subsidiary of Nk Rosneft and one of Russia's oldest oil producers, operates on Sakhalin Island. Sakhalinmorneftegaz acts as an operator for more than 30 licenses to develop oil and gas fields in Sakhalin.

The advantages of the company include proximity to the markets of the Asia-Pacific region, the possibility of using the processing capacities of the Komsomolsk oil refinery and the developed marketing infrastructure of Rosneft in the Far East.

Specialists of Sakhalinmorneftegaz have a unique experience in developing reserves. They were among the first to successfully apply heat formation treatment technology in Russia to extract high-viscosity oil. Currently, about 10% of Sakhalin oil is produced using enhanced oil recovery technologies.

All oil produced by Sakhalinmorneftegaz is transported through a pipeline to the Komsomolsk oil refinery located on the Amur River. Gas is supplied to domestic customers through the Daltransgaz pipeline.

In 2010, the production volume of Sakhalinmorneftegaz amounted to 1.67 million tons (12.2 million barrels) of oil and 0.52 billion cubic meters of gas.

RN-Sakhalinmorneftegaz LLC is the operator of the Odoptu-Sea Northern Dome offshore oil and gas field. In 1998, at this field, drillmen of Sakhalinmorneftegaz  were the first in Russia to drill a horizontal well with an ultra-long vertical deviation  (more than 5 km), opening the era of Russian oil production on the continental shelf. To date, 40 development wells with a 5-8 km vertical deviation have been drilled in the field, oil and gas collection and treatment facilities, reservoir pressure maintenance systems, transport pipelines and power supply facilities have been constructed. At the end of 2015, the cumulative oil production of the field was more than 9 million tons, cumulative gas production was over 2.5 billion cubic meters.


All the crude oil produced by Sakhalinmorneftegaz is transported by a pipeline to Rosneft’s Komsomolsk refinery located on the Amur River. Gas is transported to the domestic consumers via a pipeline owned by Daltransgaz.

In 2010, Sakhalinmorneftegaz produced 12.2 mln barrels (1.67 mln tonnes) of crude oil and 0.52 bcm of gas.